Sunday, 21 June 2009

Jessica Rosario.

If you visit my art collection you will clearly see what style I tend to go for, although I do occasionally get something in complete contrast! So, I think anyone could have predicted that Jessica Rosario's Etsy shop, rosario76, would get my attention! It had that same dark aesthetic, familiar in a lot of the other pieces of art I have collected, although still shockingly beautiful.When I came across rosario76 it was still very new, with maybe only 3 items available for purchasing. One of the items was a set of 8 postcards (6"x4"), my favourite format of buying art in! I whipped them up immediately and waited patiently as they came to me from America!I was over the moon when I received them. Each piece had been printed on such beautiful paper, that it looked like they had been painted on! All the dolls were sharp and I could see all detail very clearly which is one of the reasons why I had upgraded to buying postcard sized art from buying ACEOs (3.5x2.5").... if you browse the oldest entries of my art collection you will see all the ACEOs I have bought and information on what they are.Now, for some strange reason (or some strange function on my camera), the photos I have taken have a slight blue hue. So, if you like the look of Jessica Rosario's work, please do pop by her website to see her work in better quality or her Etsy shop to do some shopping!
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