Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Dylon have always been the first brand I think of when it comes to fabric dyes. I often used them as a student doing Fashion Design at University and other projects. I even managed to find some that I had bought many years ago!...this leads me onto the main part of my entry. I recently got some new dyes and was shocked at how much the Dylon brand image has changed! They have gone from old fashioned to extremely slick! I don't know when exactly this happened because I still see the old-fashioned packaging on sale in craft stores, but I assume that they are just left overs... and think that they should be removed as it looks confusing on the shelf next to the new ones!
The website is even more of a surprise. It's so modern and user-friendly, even though I hate black backgrounds, but it works well here... I love looking at all the colours and the images and names used to describe each one. I have a few projects in mind for these dyes and will hope to execute them sometime soon with step-by-step photos!
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