Friday, 24 July 2009

Film Review: Waitress.

I have often mentioned that I am subscribed to LOVEFiLM, therefore I am constantly watching films and have about 10 reviews currently in draft format!
This entry is about an independent film called 'Waitress' which was made in 2007 and with Keri Russell as the leading lady. I've always thought that Keri Russell was a brilliant actress and this was further emphasized when I watched 'August Rush' back in October 08.
Keri Russell plays Jenna, who works in a pie diner and invents pies that reflect situations in her life. I find these parts of the film most exciting and it makes you want to start making pies! Her husband is abusive and controlling so she secretly saves money so she can travel to and enter a pie making contest that could win her lots of money and enable her to start a new life. So, she is devastated when she finds out that she is pregnant. However, she then meets Jim, who is her new physician and they begin an affair which is extremely humorous to watch because they are both very awkward characters, in awkward positions - he is also married.Her two best friends who work with her in the pie diner give her a journal to write about the baby... which I think is such a brilliant idea as it helped me to understand her thoughts and to connect with her situation. It instantly made me think of 'Twilight', where the book was so much better than the film because the book is written from Bella's point of view therefore you are reading her thoughts rather than her speech and there wasn't much speech in the film, therefore failing to show her character.
Anyway, back to the film! I honestly hadn't expected it to be so good... Keri Russell was a dream to watch and the ending was satisfying, which is quite rare for me. Check out the trailer here.
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