Sunday, 5 July 2009

Studded Gladiators.

In May, I published an entry on a pair of Gladiators I purchased from Select. My very last comment was the introduction of some future Jellies that I planned to get. However, this never happened due to being unable to find my size. I assume this happened as they are so cheap and commercial (every single High Street store had them) that even children were buying them - therefore the smallest adult size were most likely snapped up by them! Anyway, I decided to just forget them for this year and then accidentally came across a pair of beautiful strappy, studded ones! So, I went from yearning to own just one pair of Gladiators, to now owning two pairs! These are from Red Herring @ Debenhams for £32/$52. They are a bit more expensive than what I would normally spend on sandals, but I have worn these to death!
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