Sunday, 9 August 2009

Customising a T-Shirt.

I'm moving house soon so I've been going through everything I own and throwing away anything I don't need - and there's actually been quite a lot of it! I came across some white pom pom trimming that I bought many years ago to customise some of my clothing but never got round to it and I didn't want to have so many bits and pieces to pack for when I moved... so I thought it would be better to try and combine when possible! I got a white t-shirt that I recently bought from H&M, popped it onto my stand and started to carefully pin the trimming around the neckline edge.After that, I simply hand sewed it as it was a faster process then for me to get my sewing machine out, plug it in, thread it up and sew... but I will probably sew over it at a later date. This is one of my most easiest customisations and literally took 5 minutes!
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