Saturday, 7 November 2009


While my family and I were packing for our house move back around August, I came across some vintage-looking Christian Dior belts that I'd never seen before, and I instantly adored them. They were both adjustable and funnily enough, I had been looking to buy some nice, skinny belts to wear but could never find any I had liked.I quickly went to my mother to tell her of my find... her face was a hilarious ‘oh you’ve found them’ expression! She had bought them when she was a teenager and kept them boxed up for the last two decades or so! What a waste! After some pleading, she let me ‘borrow’ them, but I know it was more of a ‘fine you can have them’! I think they’re my favourite belts now, especially as they’re vintage. Also, when I had worn one of them to work, a colleague commented on having the same belt, given by her mother!
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