Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Film Review - Blood: The Last Vampire.

Many months ago, I had received Blood: The last Vampire (via LOVEFiLM), which is an anime about a 400 year old 'girl' called Saya who is half human/half vampire and hunts vampires. I found it very enjoyable, but I think I would find anything where the female is doing the fighting enjoyable! A while after that, I read that a film version was being made and it was to be shortly released in the UK.I watched it about a week after it was released (early July - I know, I am so behind with my reviews!) and loved every minute! I wanted to watch it with my little sister because like me, she also likes a bit of vampire action and adores anime, but unfortunately she was too young (it's an 18), so I went with my friend instead. I loved the articulated blood splattering, reminiscent of Kill Bill (love that film!) and the slow motion effects so you could actually see and take in all of the flips and the kicks...because I hate it when fight scenes are just so fast and there are 20 clips being shown in 5 seconds and you get a headache trying to catch it all! I just hate blink-and-you'll-miss-it fight scenes!On that note, my favourite part of the film was a pretty long and exciting fight scene where you see Saya taking on a ton of vampires (although they looked more like zombies!) in the rain, which she wins of course. Now, you're probably thinking that it all sounds a bit boring and 'done'... I mean, there isn't really anything new about a vampire killing other vampires i.e, Blade, Underworld etc... so just to make it sound more exciting, Saya doesn't aimlessly hunt vampires, she is hunting them in hope that they will lead her to Onigen, who is the strongest vampire and who also killed her human father. So there is a clear mission which will have two outcomes if all goes in her favour - she will be the strongest (half) vampire and will also have avenged her father's death.I think throughout this storyline, you do start to piece things together and when Onigen is shown to be female, your mind starts ticking and you quickly realise who she may be to Saya. I loved that Onigen was a beautiful female, all dressed in white, calm and serene... not at all the stereotype of the most powerful vampire. She was more like an angel if anything. However, I was slightly disappointed with the fight scene between Saya and Onigen as it ended much too quickly. I think I would even trade the fight scene with the zombie-looking-vampires for a longer scene with Onigen as I found that character very interesting (and also the best actress in the film) and wanted to learn more about the relationship between them. If you like vampires and martial arts, then I absolutely recommend this film, but if you're looking for something deep and thought-provoking, then maybe not.
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