Sunday, 2 August 2009

Film Review: Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! was released in 2008 and I never got round to catching it at the cinema. It is a film adaptation of the West End musical based on songs by ABBA, which I thought was such a great idea! The story is about a young woman (Sophie) who is getting married but wants her father to give her away, although she does not know who he is. She reads her mother's diary and finds that there are three potential men. She sends wedding invitations to them, hoping that she would be able to tell who her father is upon meeting them. But of course, it becomes a lot more complicated!I really liked the film and thought the cast was brilliant...however, some of the singing was so bad although I think it can be disregarded because they are actors and not singers! Meryl Streep singing 'Winner takes it all' was quite painful to listen to, maybe because it was so long... and Pierce Brosnan wasn't very good either. Colin Firth wasn't too bad but Julie Walters was the most irritating character - singing and acting. The best singer was Amanda Seyfried who played Sophie, and my favourite song was 'Lay all your love on me'.
The film is definitely worth watching if you like ABBA and also if these are some of your favourite actors as I'm sure I haven't seen many of them in such a fun role before.
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