Saturday, 1 August 2009

Studding my Moccasins.

I've always found Moccasin boots really sweet and could imagine myself wearing them all the time. However, I felt that the ankle length ones gave the illusion of a longer foot and I didn't want to get the knee high ones as all the fringing, lace-up and lighter colour would've been a bit over-the-top for my dress sense... so, while I was waiting in a tedious queue in Primark (equivalent to Target I think) and my eyes were looking for a distraction, they quickly fell upon these in-between boots which were only £15/$25!Although I loved them (and the price!), I naturally had to modify them! They looked too sweet for me and because they came from one of the most popular stores on the high street, I was sure that I would see many other people wearing them, and don't you hate that? - So, I got my studs out and began studding them! I did it all by eye as I didn't want them looking too perfect and also because it was a lot quicker!I studded a pattern at the front but might eventually fill it in a bit more, what do you think?... I also studded around the top of the boot to balance it out..I'm so pleased with the result and when London stops raining so much, I will be wearing them out!
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