Sunday, 27 September 2009

H&M Leggings.

Firstly, I just wanted to say thanks for all the congratulations in my previous blog entry!

I adore H&M, it always seems to have the pieces that I yearn for at that point in time, and most importantly, at a price I am willing to pay. So, when I came across a pair of crushed velvet and lace leggings, I bought them without hesitation, as velvet and lace are two of my most favourite fabrics! Here are the delicate lace leggings which were £12.99/$20.00:...and the grey (I think they might look a bit blue!) velvet leggings at £9.99/$16.00 which I actually spotted a few weeks later (after purchasing) in Grazia magazine, so I'm glad I immediately got them as they would definitely have been sold out! I'm still looking for their £12.99 black all-over sequin leggings which was advertised so heavily, that every branch I go into doesn't ever have any left!! However, I have found an alternative and will purchase them instead if I don't find the H&M ones by November.
Shoes are from my favourite footwear brand, Irregular Choice!

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