Sunday, 6 September 2009


After the big house move, I decided to start clearing out my emails and reading the ones I had previously ignored due to lack of time. I came across a current Etsy Weekend Deal email, which is a newsletter that Etsy sends to inform you of any Etsy shops that have a weekend promotion going on. As I scrolled down, a thumbnail image of some buy-one-get-another-half-price cards caught my eye, so I decided to visit the store they came from - RUBYrecycled.
Admittedly, I am not a greeting card buyer at all, I always make my own as I like to personalise them as much as possible... but these just looked so lovely and I was definitely going to take advantage of the weekend deal!Each card has a hand cut butterfly in the front corner with a colour peeking from underneath. They are absolutely adorable and it's usually so hard for me to find a nice butterfly-themed product. The card quality was also of a very high standard... it is very thick, which made me realise just how flimsy commercial cards really are!! I'll definitely be buying more once I've used these up!
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