Saturday, 12 September 2009

T-Bar II.

If you haven't noticed already, I adore Vintage... and this might just be me, but I often associate a specific style with the word 'vintage'. When it comes to a shoe style, I always think of a t-bar, a mid-heeled when I'm in a shoe shop, I'm usually most likely to go and check out the t-bar styles! However, a lot of modern day t-bar shoes have a heel height of around 3" or more, so it is quite difficult finding that vintage-esque pair, without it actually being vintage. I have a pair that I received last Christmas that I mentioned here, but when you love a particular style so much, there's no stopping you getting other colours!So, while I was browsing Primark (a super-cheap store but with some really great items, I think the US equivalent is Target), I came across these taupe coloured t-bars, with the most interesting ruffle detail. The ruffle wasn't overly feminine (which is what I loved about it) and had a metallic gold lining... I thought they were so kooky! I also laughed to myself at the other versions they had of it on the shelves: a 4" platform and as a pump! They really wanted to cover all areas! Anyway, I of course got the mid-heeled pair which felt really comfortable, and paid £12/$20 for them!
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