Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Several Sundays ago, I visited the London Edge trade show. I'd always seen it advertising on the London Underground and in fashion business magazines when I was a fashion student and always wanted to go. It was simply all other types of fashion that wasn't dominant on the high street, so a lot of it was gothic, pin-up and 'street' style. I decided that this year was the year I went when I received a newsletter from awesomebadges.co.uk (a website that I occasionally buy custom made stickers from) announcing that they were going to be there, so I thought I would go and check them out in person in case there were other products that peeked my interest.I found their stall quite quickly as they were near the front, and it was nice to see all their other goods that I had not yet bought. They were also very kind enough to give me one of their printed tote bags...another custom item they offer on their website. The quality was a lot better than I thought, so if I ever need a bunch of custom printed tote bags (and not wanting to do it myself), I now know where to go!Next to the Awesomebadges stall was RubyRocks...the clothing was very sweet and I made a beeline for their vanilla coloured, branded tote bags ... the lady was also very kind enough to let me have it!I had often blogged about my adoration for the Twilight Saga (before, during, and after the hype) and was amused when I came across a stall selling New Moon (the 2nd film) merchandise, which I suppose was expected. I didn’t particularly find anything that I would want to own, but nevertheless, it was extremely commercial (i.e. the bookmarks) and I can imagine many of the pieces being great Christmas presents for Twilight fans.
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