Saturday, 12 December 2009

"Just customize it".

"Just customize it"...I am always saying this and I feel like it's slowly turning into my own little phrase! I never spend money on something that isn't as special as it should be for the price, so I usually buy a cheaper version of it or at a discounted price, then I would 'customize it'! I just find it to be an enjoyable way of making something unique with hardly any extra cost.

So, when my 13 year old sister desperately needed a winter coat - well, she didn't really, she has coats, she just wanted a new one - I took her shopping and she absolutely loved a parka from River Island that was all ruched and full of loveliness, but also had a very high price. I think it's OK to spend a bit more money on coats, shoes and accessories as long as you get a lot of use out of them...but I know my sister would eventually tire of the parka so I took her to look at cheaper brands. We browsed Debenhams, a British department store and came across a concession called Red Herring and the perfect parka! Red Herring isn't very known, but often produces really lovely items such as these studded gladiator sandals I got back in July.The khaki parka jacket had great details and was on sale from £50/$80 down to £25/$40! My sister tried it on and it looked so cute...she really liked it but said she wished it had something more special about it, which is where I come in! We paid for the coat with my promise of studding it for her! I got all my studs out when we got home and my sister decided to go for only bronze studs, which I also agreed with, but I also added in some gold ones so it looked a bit more 'perky'.I initially wanted to put blocks of studding along the front of the coat, but decided to utilise the style-lines that were already there, and studded around them. I think I'll add a couple of more rows at a later date.
So, I guess my conclusion is that people should do more customization! It is really easy once you start doing it and even easier once you build up a collection of embellishments and trims that you can use.
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