Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Little Fox.

TheLittleFox is (in her own words) a "picture crafter, imagination enthusiast, and bedtime stories fabricator."... and you can really see this when you take a look at her work. I love collecting art as some of you may know, but a lot of art isn't available in smaller, affordable sizes and I don't really like asking - I just assume that if one doesn't offer it, then one won't!
I remember coming across TheLittleFox on Etsy many many months ago, maybe even a year, and loved her art but smaller sizes were not offered, until I recently came across her again! She had this 'Little Prisons' postcard pack which was just delightful!
When I received them, they just looked so adorable together and I can't wait to finish off my postcard album so I can add my art collection to it.
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