Monday, 7 December 2009

New Look Spring/Summer 2010 - Sneak Preview.

I was very kindly invited to the New Look S/S10 Press Day which gave me a sneak preview of what we might find in their stores in 2010. I also got a glimpse of their new London Head Office which I must say was quite snazzy!
On entering the showroom, I see the first (and eventually my most favourite) collection which is perfectly called Blush. It comprises of a beautiful colour palette of nudes, taupes, greys and blues. However, I was very disappointed at the lower table that was placed parallel to it which was filled with shoes and accessories in a colour palette that was the complete opposite to Blush. They were nice but in the wrong place! It was like putting a dirty, weeded pond in the middle of a beautiful field filled with the most beautiful flowers! Anyway, on a better note, the Blush collection had a strong vintage aesthetic in primary regards to their embellishments and prints which was just stunning!!
I saw an abundance of garments from this collection that I just 'must-have' such as this embellished taupe corselette (I mentioned my love for corselette's in my Sonia Rykiel for H&M blog entry) and I loved how it was styled with this cropped melange cardigan.
I also adored this blouse with a very vintage-looking embellishment of chains and rhinestones. It was just so elegant and as if it was straight out of a fairytale!...and of course, my favourite collection would also contain the sweetest shoes for Spring/Summer. These wedge, front lace-ups in a nude colour are the shoes I will be waiting to get next year!There were many collections that I browsed but I thought I'd only pick out the most interesting elements, otherwise this blog entry would go on forever! I came across their Idol range which is a collection that they always have running, which is of course updated for each season and has a rock-chick aesthetic.On looking at the dressed mannequins, I wasn't overly impressed or excited about the collection. However, after carefully browsing through the rail, I noticed a lot of things I actually quite liked! This included a lot of slashing and knotting in t-shirts that were embellished with rings which looked newer than using studs, although having said that, there was still plenty of studding!This punctured jersey maxi dress surprisingly caught my attention. I don't think I've ever worn a maxi dress, even though I've always wanted to. I think that when it comes to maxi dresses, I always envision a triple tiered one that would just swamp my petite there was something about this Idol maxi dress that I really admired.After Idol, I came across Sicilian Siren which looked slightly out of place in the showroom due to its dark colour palette of red and black with ivory accents. However, I think I am being biased as I don't really like red and black together. This collection also looked quite old to what I envision from New Look. As I looked through, I actually started to like what I was seeing. There was a plethora of lace which I always love and that I had not initially spotted because it was all so dark. There was a lace biker jacket which was really very lovely and a lot of corset detailing...I almost gasped out loud when I pulled out this (yes, another!) corselette, although I suppose it's more of a 'bralette' as it isn't as structured as a corset would be. The floral print was delightful and the lace was so delicate... I actually would've liked to see much more of the print instead of the red. So, to conclude, each piece was very nice, but not together in this collection.Overall, I was genuinely impressed with the New Look S/S10 collection so far (I'm sure a lot of it will change by the time we reach next year!) and have my eye on a lot of the pieces. Admittedly, I never really went into New Look that much, I only ever did if I was looking for something that I could not find elsewhere, it was almost like a 'last-resort' place for me, and I was never let-down! However, I will definitely be having a peek much more often.
As I was leaving the showroom, I was kindly handed a beautiful lace print bag and a £100 /$165 voucher to spend in store! Luckily the expiry date is March 2010 so I might just be able to get some of the pieces I saw which I will definitely blog about!
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