Sunday, 20 December 2009

Small Feet and a Little Bit of Patience.

I had come across some beautiful Miss Selfridge boots about 2 months ago and adored them!... but at £70/$113, it was too much!! So, I had a sulk, put them at the back of my mind and eventually forgot about them. However, on Friday, I was browsing some of the sales in London's Oxford Street and was in Debenhams when I went to have a quick peek at their small, but big enough, Miss Selfridge concession...and saw the boots! Not only that, but they had a huge discount and was only £30/$48!So, I had found the boots but out of the three pairs left, I didn't think it was likely that my size, which is a UK3/US5.5, would be amongst them. The first two pairs were too big (of course), but the last pair were just perfect! I tried them on which further clarified that I had to get them! Sometimes having small feet is a nightmare as a lot of stores don't stock many pairs in my size, so, they either sell out very quickly, or don't sell at all...but I think I had just been lucky about being in Debenhams at the right time as their target customer is about a decade older than the Miss Selfridge customer!
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