Sunday, 13 December 2009


I've been looking for some earrings that I can wear pretty much everyday, but I was also being quite specific which made it difficult to find them!
I wanted some vintage-looking studs, with a beautiful stone, but they also had to be sterling silver or better, due to allergies. It was really hard because a lot of the vintage-esque jewellery I came across was made with plated gold or silver...until I came across spookychandelier on Etsy. Spookychandelier offered beautiful glass gems which were set in a gunmetal casing but... with sterling silver posts!I couldn't believe I never thought of that and wondered how many other places I had skipped without reading the information properly! Nevertheless, I was still slightly hesitant about the casing having an effect on my ears but as the price was very good, I went ahead and got them!
I've worn them several times now and my earlobes are absolutely fine, the sterling silver post is such a good idea and I hope to purchase some of the other colours in the future!
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