Sunday, 31 May 2009

Film Review: Hellboy - The Golden Army.

I'd wanted to watch Hellboy - The Golden Army (which is the second Hellboy film) when it first came out at the cinema last year, so I was really excited when LOVEFiLM sent it to me about 2 months ago... therefore, it isn't as fresh in my head to write a full, accurate account about it but overall I loved it!The first one was excellent, just because it is pure fantasy and Hellboy (Red) was such a really funny and unique character. Selma Blair plays his love interest, Liz Sherman, who is a pyrokinetic. Her character was quite boring in the first film and badly introduced, but she had completely evolved in the sequel. Her hair was cropped and she had so much more 'spark' compared to her role in the first. The chemistry between the two characters was also very funny and endearing. However, I noticed one fault... in the first film, Liz Sherman would address Hellboy as 'HB', but in the sequel, she addressed him as 'Red'. I think I prefer the latter ('HB' makes me think of HP Sauce!) but I also prefer consistency and I was quite surprised that I noticed such a minute error!The Hellboy films are both directed by Guillermo del Toro who I instantly know best as the director of Pan's Labyrinth, which was such a surreal and intelligent film... therefore I was really looking forward to seeing all the new monsters and creatures. So, when I saw Guillermo del Toro's imagining of a Tooth Fairy I was in such awe. They were the cutest things, but had an appetite for calcium and would feed on the teeth to get to the bone, I loved it!I won't get too much into the actual story but it is pretty much a humans VS magical creatures plot, magical creatures will win (obviously) but Hellboy prevents this from happening. Prince Nuada (played very well by Luke Goss) is the Prince of Elfland and is the perceived 'bad guy' of the film. He goes on to retrieve three pieces of a crown that controls The Golden Army, which is a mechanical army that was originally created for Prince Nuada's father, King Balor to help defeat humans (this ancient story is depicted through an animation). The army was so devastating to humans, that a truce was formed between King Balor and the humans and the crown controlling the army was split into three pieces, one piece was given to the humans and two kept with the elves. However, I really empathised with the Prince Nuada character and understood his intentions... this was further emphasized when he easily gains the piece kept by humans at an auction (present day) which I felt was a subtle display of typical human recklessness.One part of the film that I found very interesting is when Hellboy's life is threatened when Prince Nuada strikes him in the chest with his spear. Hellboy is taken to the Angel of Death to see if he can be saved. Liz is informed that if he is saved, he will bring chaos to the world and she will suffer most from it... she accepts this and Hellboy recovers. The Angel of Death was such a fascinating creature, and I think I missed most of the dialogue in this scene as I couldn't take my eyes away from it! After finishing the film, I had to watch the Special Features which showed many of the creatures and the ideas behind them, you also get to see brainstorming sessions which was incredible to watch. This Hellboy sequel was much better than the first but I think it was the creatures in it that did this. Hopefully there will be a third Hellboy as it is revealed that Liz is pregnant, with twins... and of course, Hellboy is still supposed to cause havoc to the world!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Tutu Three and Four.

I first mentioned my adoration of tutus on my blog back in February 09 and you can read all related entries here... I am now introducing some of my most recent creations!This tutu is made from ivory polka dot tulle fabric and you could just about see a few tiers peeking out from the back which I created for a 'subtle bustle' effect! I then used some lace to embellish the waistband in a messy bow!
The second tutu I created was with the same waistband but different lace, and was made with organza and edged with cotton lace.
They're both available for purchasing here.

Sunday, 17 May 2009


I've wanted some Gladiator inspired sandals since 2000 when I watched the film... then a few years later I watched Troy, followed by TV series Rome and started reading 'Memoirs of Cleopatra'... therefore becoming very influenced! So when I spotted this pair in a Select store that had recently opened in Camden Town/London, there was no more time to be messing around so I got them! Summer 2009 was going to be the Summer I would finally wear some Gladiators!
The reason why I'd never got a pair, was because I'd always been so fussy. However, this pair from Select were perfect! I loved the slight inch high wedge heel, the front zip detail, the simple studding and also functional back zip. They were also only £16/$24! Being in the fashion industry, I quickly learnt that something that is cheap, does not necessarily mean it has a lower quality than the one at a higher price point. It all depends on what level fashion brands like to put themselves at. I'll be doing a blog entry on this topic soon!However, another style of sandal has also caught my eye, Jellies. So don't be surprised if you see a pair cropping up on my blog some time soon...

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sequins and Paillettes.

I absolutely love sequins and all things sparkly... this is obviously stemmed from my love of the 1920's, where an evening gown wasn't an evening gown without some sparkle. So, as I was looking through my fabrics (trying to utilise what I have rather then buy more), I came across some stretch sequin fabric which I had used for my graduate fashion collection almost 2 years ago.As it is extremely difficult to work with without the right equipment, I decided to make some simple body con skirts out of them. I felt that the all over sequin would counteract them looking so simple! So I set to work hand sewing all the seams as I didn't want to risk breaking my domestic sewing machine. I then reinforced the seams with wide velvet ribbon and tied a bow at the top!I currently have two styles available, one with a small velvet bow and one with a wider velvet bow, both in my Etsy Shop. I hope to do these skirts in different colours once I can find the sequin fabric! I've also been working on a third style, where I have been sewing paillettes onto the skirt. Paillettes are simply large disc sequins, but paillettes are the correct terminology which you don't often hear. This one is taking a lot of time but I am really pleased with it so far. I'll be posting the finished skirt once I'm done!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Leah Felicity.

I got these wonderfully unique and original pieces of artwork (postcard sized of course!) from fellow Etsy seller leahfelicity and added them to my growing collection of art!I just loved the quick, fluid lines, like she didn't take the pen off the paper until she was done, then spontaneously filled it with watercolours. The characters are also so different, I could conjure up personalities for them from first sight. I don't often buy original art as I prefer using the extra cost to buy extra reproductions, but these were at a very appealing price for such fantastic originals that I had to get them! They're also quite different to what I usually buy, but I've always known I had eclectic taste!I later found out that leahfelicity had created these characters as ' exercise in stamina." She wanted to see if she had the perseverance to draw 100 4x6" portraits - 1 per day... and she did! I thought this was such a good idea and pondered about any other artists also doing this. I was also directed to a web page that showcased all 100 portraits, and they look absolutely fantastic together! I could actually visualize the entire set on a museum wall. You can see them all here. I am so glad to have had the chance to own some of the 'experiment'.

While browsing her shop, I also came across a scarf she had knitted in all of my favourite colours. I've been using a really chunky scarf all through Winter, and English weather has recently warmed (but still cold!), so my new scarf was perfect for the change.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Nebulous Kingdom.

As I recently started to collect postcard sized art (6x4") instead of ACEO sized art (2.5x3.5"), my collection has been growing and growing! I purchased some postcards from TheNebulousKingdom via Etsy and they're just so lovely!The artist, Anne-Julie, was also very kind to sign, title and date all the postcards on my request, just so that they feel a little bit more special.If you've seen my art collection, you will completely understand why I love Anne-Julie's work so much. It is incredibly dream-like with so much depth and emotion and I also find the contrast of these innocent looking girls represented in dark backdrops very fascinating.