Sunday, 31 January 2010


Today is my Birthday!!! To celebrate it on my blog, I would like to share some beautiful 'Aquarius/Water' (the Aquarius element is actually Air but I still associate Water with it, as in - Aquarius: The Water Bearer!) themed art from my favourite artists on DeviantArt... so if you've never been on the site, then I highly suggest you have a browse because you will be blown away! I loved 'Sea of hair' by moonywolf as soon as I laid my eyes on it as the title is exactly how I feel about my own hair. There is just too much of it and is prone to getting caught on everything!I had 'Subemergence' by arcipello as my desktop wallpaper for months which looked absolutely stunning, but although it has now changed, I still very much love the artwork and idea behind it.A lot of the work on DeviantArt is very 'dark' which is probably why I love browsing it so much, but many of them are extraordinarily-beautifully dark and 'The Naiads' by Damascus5 is a perfect example of it.
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