Sunday, 3 January 2010

Bralettes and Corselettes.

I have always had an interest in corsets for all sorts of reasons - the way they looked (specifically the ones during the Victorian Era), why they were originally worn, who wore them and how history really does repeat in regards to its resurgence in Fashion. Because of this, an abundance of styles have been introduced into mainstream Fashion, particularly in Topshop which offers some of the best designs on the High Street...and I had my eye on quite a few.
However, as I only like to buy at discounted prices (when you work in Fashion Design - you really become to realise just how expensive products on the mass market really are) I did not succumb to the temptation of buying the ones I wanted, so waited patiently for the post-Christmas Sales to begin.I didn't think I would find any left, or any in my size, but I was surprised to find all the ones that I had wanted months before! I think the reason why there were still a lot left on the rails is because I went to the York branch, rather than the Central London Flagship one which doesn't ever have anything left for me! These must be some of my best SALE purchases and in regards to the names... I assume a 'bralette' is a longline bra which I feel has a much better, and comfortable fit on the body, and corselette could be open for discussion as I always thought it was a 'mini corset', like the floral and tartan ones below... but tells me it is '...a woman's lightweight foundation garment combining a brassiere and girdle in one piece."
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