Sunday, 24 January 2010

Burnout and Peeptoe.

I do love a good peep toe shoe, I find them sweet and subtle and reminiscent of vintage days, rather than full, open toed shoes. So when I saw these patent, lace up, chunky heeled, peep toe shoe-boots from Select, I snapped them up! I’ve been wearing them in Winter with chunky wool tights (when it isn’t raining or snowing!) and will continue wearing them straight through Summer!Now, burnout fabric. It's is exactly how it sounds, where parts of the fabric has been burned out to create a pattern. I have always loved the look, feel and drape of the fabric and have also been designing quite heavily into it at work. I’ve wanted burnout leggings since Summer 08 but there was never any on the High Street, and I couldn’t find the correct fabric to make my own… so I knew I was going to have to wait until the High Street caught up. I then came across some a few days ago from Primark which had a more obvious burnout and H&M which was a subtle, slubby type of burnout.
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