Saturday, 6 February 2010

Birthday Part II.

So, as it was my birthday last Sunday where I showed some of my favourite water themed (i.e. Aquarius) artworks that I found via DeviantArt which you can see here, I would now like to show some of the goodies that I got!I received this lovely handmade-like card from my work colleagues which is totally Marie Antoinette inspired!! Following on from that, was a pair of black, high heel, patent 'Darcie' Dr Martens which I have wanted for absolutely ages! They're a bit stiff at first (the same with all Dr Martens to be quite frank) but once you've worn them a few times, it seems as though the boots moulds itself to your foot and they are extremely comfortable.Back in December, I bought myself some studs from spookychandelier which you can see here, I loved them so much I yearned for some more but in another colour. So, my boyfriend got me these vibrant blue ones which I have been wearing pretty much everyday!He also got me the third Underworld film - Rise of the Lycans, which I enjoyed so much at the cinema (you can read my review here) and wanted the DVD of it so I now have the entire Underworld set... with the fourth film due out this year!Keeping to the vampire theme, he also got me Bram Stoker's Dracula which I have been meaning to read for many many years seeing as it is the source of all-things-to-do-with-vampires... and my boyfriend is probably the person who has to put up with my vampire obsession the most out of everyone else!My childhood friend gave me the most adorable (unworn as it is from her grandmother) vintage, crocheted dress but I am leaving that for another entry as I have a few ideas for it.
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