Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Charm Necklaces.

I really love a lot of the costume jewellery that is available all over the high street, but unfortunately for me, that style of jewellery always swamps me! Fine jewellery is definitely what suits me the most, but it is so hard finding nice Fine jewellery that isn't in the old, catalogue-esque style that just makes me weep!
I also only like really short necklaces, where the pendant would hang between or slightly below my collar bones, which I can never find– and if I’m buying jewellery for myself, it has to be perfect. So naturally, as they say, “…if you want something done right, do it yourself”. I started searching for the types of charms I wanted and all the other components needed. The first ones to arrive were tiny skull charms, where one went straight onto my neck as soon as it was assembled... and was often complimented on!I have always loved skulls or just anything with dark undertones and have always wanted a simple skull necklace, but everything I found was always either too big, too plastic or just too much on it! The most essential factors were that they had to be metal and teeny tiny! As I continued getting interest in my necklace, it was just a natural progression to give my skull charm necklace (which I am now just wearing to death!) and some other charms a little trial in my Etsy shop to see how they do.My most favourite is of course the skull, then coming closely behind is the bow, star, and spider charm necklaces! I’ve also made matching pouches for them in the style of my initial necklaces which were always quite popular in my Etsy Shop.
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