Thursday, 18 February 2010

Fall 2010. Part II.

The Diesel Black Gold collection completely blew me away this season, the reason being because it is the first collection by new creative director, Sophia Kokosalaki...who I have always admired and you can really see her handwriting although still keeping to the Diesel aesthetic. The leather mini dress over checked shirt is so wearable and the tulle dress with jagged-edged crystal embellishment was magnificent!The nude coloured mesh with black embroidery was Sophia Kokosalaki's handwriting coming through at its best and the terracotta acid washed denim was incredibly refreshing to see.
I have always loved Narciso Rodriguez's collections and was not disappointed with this one. My favourite piece being this colour and sequin blocked dress.I was fascinated with Rodarte's Fall 2010 collection as it had such a strong handmade and vintage aesthetic comprising of laces and florals pieced together, which was such a contrast to their previous collections. However, they had always had a 'patchwork' look to their designs, so I suppose it was only natural that they took this route. Overall, the collection was wonderful to look at but the final 10 or so outfits which were all in white seemed to make the most impact.I was smitten with Vera Wang's Pre-Fall 2010 collection which you can read here so I was immensely excited to see what she would do for Fall 2010. I was slightly saddened that there was a lot of black and minimal embellishment, but as I eventually found the very small amount of embellished outfits towards the end of her show, they were definitely good enough to compensate.I initially felt that Marc Jacobs' Fall 2010 collection was 'just OK' when I saw the first few pieces, but as hemlines dropped and the velvets and embellishments started to appear, I really started to love what I was seeing. I adored the chartreuse button-back jumper styled with an ombre'd chartreuse and silver sequin slimline skirt. It was such a beautiful look, although I am curious about what shoes the model is wearing underneath. The honey velvet dress was also lovely. The full length dress with gunmetal linear sequin embellishment crawling up from the hem was definitely the showpiece for me.I haven't often been impressed with Zac Posen's previous collections, but for Fall 2010, there was a definite turn around and I instantly took a strong liking to the velvet pieces, (as you can see, I am easily won over when it comes to velvet!) in particular this mixed fabric mini dress. Towards the end of the collection, there was a nod towards his 'original' style, which was a lot of clashing colours, although it was kept to a minimum in prints, rather than the complete look.
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