Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Fall 2010. Part V.

I have to admit that London hasn't been as exciting as New York was for me so far, but then again, New York is the longest one with an abundance of designers showing... and London hasn't completely finished yet, so there is still hope! First up is the collection by Vivienne Westwood Red Label. It was all very 'Vivienne Westwood' and I only really liked 2 pieces out of 54 - this holographic dress made me smile, I'd never wear it, but there was still 'something' I really liked... and I thought the fluffy two-piece knitted outfit was adorable!Louise Goldin's collection has to be my favourite London collection so far. It instantly touched a nerve in my enthusiasm for all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy! The shapes were so refreshing to see in comparison to the other London collections and the use of textures in the fabrics were fascinating. Louise Goldin is quoted as saying that her collection is "space military" and I can totally see that, especially in the red and gold accents which reminds me of some of the uniform colours worn in Star Trek.
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