Friday, 26 February 2010

Fall 2010. Part VIII.

Fall 2010 shows have previously shown in New York, London, and now we are onto Milan Fashion Week! One of the first shows I saw was D&G, which is Dolce & Gabbana's diffusion (younger) line and I think it could possibly be one of my most favourite collections so far! It was lovingly literal with the ski-resort theme, and I was completely hypnotised while I watched a video of the show! I also think this is the first time ever that I have put more than 10 images in one blog entry and this is only about one collection! As you can probably tell, this collection has made me extremely excitable!
The knitted bodysuits instantly caught my eye and I was over-the-moon when more and more versions of them came out! The Fair Isle knits were adorable and even more so when the same festive patterns started to appear on chiffon!
As you can see, the colour palette started with red and white and smoothly changed into grey and white. It was all still very 'in sync' which I was most grateful for as I tend to hate it when so many different things are happening in a collection that you forget you are still looking at the same one!
The cropped cardigan worn with a grey cable-knit romper was the sweetest thing I'd ever seen and I was in such awe!There was another colour change from grey and white, to black and white...and I really admired how everything was just so perfect, consistent and co-ordinated! This final colour palette made way for an array of white fluttery dresses with black accents which I believe was a nod towards the design duo's Italian roots.
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