Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Robinson Pfeffer.

Last week, I was very kindly invited by PR Agency, Robinson Pfeffer, to attend a showcasing of Spring/Summer 2010 product from the designers they look after. I really didn't know what to expect but as it was at a convenient time and place, I decided to check it out! The first thing I noticed on entering the showroom was an abundance of balloons! My eyes then quickly took in the bowls and tubs of sweets scattered all around the room! I tried to only have a little as my work colleague (who accompanied me) and I were planning on going for dinner after looking around. However, I definitely ate too much (how does one help themselves when there are free sweets everywhere?!) and dinner was cancelled!
I came across the Tina Kalivas collection which was definitely my cup of tea! My favourite pieces was the triple tier peplum dress in such a beautiful aztec-esque print and a black mesh bodycon dress...I would absolutely love to wear these for Summer! I didn't feel like my flash photos did any justice to them so I had to go and get the modelled photos off her website!I adored these panelled treggings by Stolen Girlfriends Club with embroidered lobsters! I initially thought they were printed, but after realising they were embroidered, I was even more impressed!I came across a very interesting display of jewellery by Lucy Hutchings, her designs were stunning and a real delight to see up close as I could really appreciate the complexities of each piece.There were so many more lovely pieces and of course, along with the free sweets there were drinks to quench our thirst! There was only one non-alcoholic drink available (I'm a super lightweight!) in the form of Vita Coco (great name!), which was basically coconut water. I'm not very fond of coconut but as I was so thirsty from my huge intake of sweets, I had to try it...and loved it! It was not as 'coconut-y' as I thought it'd be... it was more like sweet, refreshing water.

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at the Robinson Pfeffer showroom and was introduced to the work of some really talented designers. I even got a goodie bag at the end containing lookbooks and a pair of slinky soft, organic high waisted trousers by Sosume.
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