Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Fall 2010. Part XI.

I was quite surprised at how much I actually liked the collection by Bottega Veneta as I felt that it had so many themes going on, but it still looked great! I mean, you wouldn't have thought these amazing shoes belonged to the same collection as the two black outfits under it, right? Anyway, it is! The collection started off very black but with beautiful detailing so it was never boring, then suddenly there are soft, pretty and speckled dresses! There was an abundance of change but I still liked it and it really did leave me wanting more. Some of the last looks were styled with scarab-themed jewellery, which was odd but nevertheless beautiful.Although I found some of the styling in the collection by Giorgio Armani a bit strange and slightly off-putting, I really loved this rounded-one-shoulder dress with the red-on-red embellishment. If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that Moschino are my most favourite designer brand and influenced me to pursue a career in Fashion Design. However, despite my unconditional love for the label, I was quite disappointed with it as a whole collection, although there were some really nice individual pieces. I don't think I really liked the cowboy hats either but it is such a quirky Moschino thing to do so I just need to appreciate it!! I also quickly realised that I much prefer their Spring/Summer collections. Nevertheless, I really liked the gold Moschino belt which is such a classic piece from the brand and I actually got a nude coloured one for Christmas which I will show some time soon!I'd never heard of Trend Les Copains before but I just thought that the opening outfits in shades of ivory, styled with milk latex leggings and obsidian black platforms was such a stunning look!Individually, Marni was 'just OK' and had a few interesting details, but I thought as an overall collection, the colour palette was truly beautiful and not the usual 'fall' colours that a lot of designers have been using.Lastly, this dress by Byblos with a beautiful print and with an entire sleeve made up of gunmetal paillettes was just stunning! ...Or, it could actually even be real metal discs!
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