Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Fall 2010. Part XII.

I can't believe this has happened again! I was absolutely crazy about the diffusion (D&G) collection and now I am crazy about their mainline - Dolce & Gabbana! From the very first outfit, I was hooked! As I've previously said, I don't tend to look much at tailoring, but styled with a pair of knickers made it completely different!... then out came a dainty lace trim slip dress worn under a slick, tailored jacket and it just works!This was Dolce & Gabbana in their purest form, they had the black, the nude, the red, the lace, the lingerie, the animal print and it was all just sophisticatedly provocative! The styling was just delightful, where some of the models came out wearing cute little headphones and covered in chains and chains of charm necklaces....the charms were then later used to embellish garments, some even kept on a short chain which I can imagine looks amazing in motion!
The knitwear was simple, lovely, and styled in a way as if it was literally just thrown on! To finish the show, all the models came out wearing the outfit that got my attention - a beautifully tailored jacket and a pair of knickers.

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