Sunday, 7 March 2010

Fall 2010. Part XIV.

This is the last entry on my favourite Milan shows as Paris Fashion Week has started and it is looking so exciting!! I can't wait to start showing pieces from it!
First up is Versus, which is Versace's diffusion collection, designed by Christopher Kane (who also has his own collection which I mentioned here)... I know, it's all quite confusing when you get designers designing their own collection and designing a collection for another design brand... but you'd be surprised at how common it is! For example, Karl Lagerfeld designs for his own label - Karl Lagerfeld, he also designs for Chanel and also Fendi!
Anyway, back to Versus! Although it was really quite simple and a lot of repetitive styles but in different colours, I still loved the overall look of it! It had a lot of my favourite elements - bust cups, waisted dresses, velvet and cut out details! It was definitely what I expected a 'Versus' collection to look like, it was young and fun! However, I still very much preferred the Spring/Summer 2010 collection, so I look forward to seeing Spring/Summer 2011 in 6 months time.
I really liked Roberto Cavalli's collection as a whole, which is why I have specifically shown complete outfits and I felt that it was styled extremely well. The maxi dresses were beautiful and there was something about the black, floaty chiffon trousers that I really liked! I found a few pieces from the Sportmax collection extremely yummy such as the sorbet knits, the floral print which looked so fresh as it seemed as though there are 4 different florals but completely complimentary to each other and the forest green sequin dress!My favourite pieces from the Antonio Marras collection had to be the short sleeved astrakhan-esque coats that were worn over gossamer lace dresses (especially the embroidered and sequin one!) which just looked adorable!
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