Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Fall 2010. Part XIX.

I'm slacking with my blog entries again as my new job is keeping me super busy but I'm having so much fun! Here is another entry on my favourite Fall 2010 shows (even though they finished weeks ago, but it doesn't really matter does it?)! I always love to see what John Galliano produces per season as I am never surprised at how good they are and constantly in awe. I already mentioned his own Fall 2010 collection a few entries ago, but here is a small, and my favourite portion of his collection for Christian Dior. The dresses were romantic and beautiful and again, with John Galliano, I adored the overall styling.I was surprised at how much I liked the collection by Yohji Yamamoto, as I do tend to prefer the more ostentatious, heavily embellished, over-the-top collections as I feel that's what fashion shows should be about. However, I completely appreciated the tailoring by Yohji Yamamoto, the deconstructed double-breasted dresses were really lovely and the modern fisherman's-wife look towards the end of the show with fishnet-type fabrics used under his tailored pieces were wonderful!As the newly appointed Creative Director for Diesel Black Gold - another collection I adored... Sophia Kokosalaki has also produced a fine collection for her own label. She is notorious for being inspired by her Greek background and I saw it very early on in a skirt with a twisted side detail, which I instantly saw as the horn of the mythological Greek creature, the minotaur. I adore Greek mythology so naturally, after spotting that small, but possibly incorrect detail, I knew I would like the rest!
There was a high neck blouse which was sliced through the middle and around the shoulders which I thought looked incredibly sexy but still retained a strong sophisticated look. Then as I came across the embellished pieces I was stunned! I don't think I could have identified the last two dresses as being by Sophia Kokosalaki if I hadn't already known, but it was nice seeing something so fresh and edgy from her. These embellishments looked so new and almost like electric currents!
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