Saturday, 27 March 2010

Fall 2010. Part XVIII.

In case you're wondering why I am still publishing entries on the Fall 2010 fashion shows even though they finished weeks ago, well it's simply because there were many collections I still want to mention and I'm trying to stagger them as to not completely swamp my blog!

There were high expectations for the Balmain collection as a couple of the past collections became very high profile. This season, the renaissance-esque collection was quite predictable but I still really liked it and the gold lamé dress with a long back and short front was crazy! There was a nod to Ancient Egypt (which I love) when I saw the jet-black-blunt fringe-straight hair in the Lanvin collection and knew it could only get better! The draped and pleated garments looked stunning and the embellishments and jewellery completely enriched the show!I'm not often excited by the Celine collections as it is predominantly tailoring which, as I have admitted before, is not my most favourite area. However, I adored the leather outfits, such as the sleeveless tailored dress with leather pockets, and the slimline leather-mix pencil dress.
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