Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Film Review: Alice in Wonderland.

I had to interrupt my flow of Fall 2010 fashion shows to review the much anticipated film, Alice in Wonderland! I decided to not attend the cinema on the opening night of Alice in Wonderland (Friday) as 1) I had not booked tickets and 2) I didn't want it to be noisy!
So, I went the following day for a 9am (yes, 9 in the morning!) showing with my sister and friend and just as I had hoped, there were only about 7 other people there.The film was fantastic which I completely expected anyway, and the storyline of Alice returning to Wonderland as a 19 year old was easy but without being bland. Alice, who is played by Mia Wasikowska and reminds me of Claire Danes (in her Romeo & Juliet period), was brilliant! When I saw a few photos of the film in production months ago, and saw Mia, I really did not see her as Alice...so I paid a lot of attention to her in the film...her face expressions, speech, movement and everything else was so perfect.Anne Hathaway as the White Queen was extremely amusing, she was so frothy and I really liked how her dark features were accentuated with rosewood red lips and nail varnish... it was these dark touches that I really love about Tim Burton's films.Tweedledum and Tweedledee were adorably hilarious and I wish they had more screen time! One of the things I remember most about the original Alice in Wonderland story, are the talking flowers, and they were depicted in such a wonderful way in this version...I couldn't have asked for anything better!Absolem the Caterpillar was voiced by Alan Rickman and it was such a perfect match! I recognised the voice when I was watching the film but I could not put my finger on who it was! So now that I know who it was and the other characters such as Michael Sheen as The White Rabbit, Barbara Windsor as the Dormouse... I really feel like watching the film again!I knew Johnny Depp would be good as the Mad Hatter and although his performance was pretty much an amalgamation of his Captain Jack Sparrow and Willy Wonka characters, it was still funny! I also really liked his creative skills where he makes Alice a new dress (after she shrinks) and becomes the Red Queen's milliner for a short period.Helena Bonham Carter was naturally great, I've always liked the quirkiness about her which shines through her character as the Red Queen. Her bulbous head was also amusing and the fact that she only liked people with other 'big' things about them!
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