Monday, 29 March 2010


If you've ever read my profile, located on the top left of my blog, you will know that Moschino was the fashion brand that influenced me to do Fashion Design but funnily enough, I don't actually own many Moschino things! I guess the main reason is because of price, but with sites like eBay, there are so many opportunities to get what you want for a more affordable price! So, since I got a Moschino belt for Christmas from my boyfriend (I'll blog about this soon), I've been slightly obsessed with getting more! I particularly like it when the brand name is featured in gold blocked letters, which is incredibly tacky to the point that I feel it hits the other end and actually looks quite funky!
Anyway, I found this bag on eBay and won it for a great price! If it was slightly smaller it could be my everyday-bag, but I will be using it as my travel bag instead! I will be looking out for more Moschino things as it's about time I invested in my favourite brand!
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