Saturday, 10 April 2010

New Bag.

I had been using my previous bag for almost a year and was getting pretty bored with it and when the lining had coincidentally torn in such a bad way that all of my things had fallen through so they were sitting in between the lining of my bag and the main body, there was no reason not to get a new one as I was not motivated enough to repair it! I had found one I wanted from online retailer ASOS.COM but it was sold out! However, a few weeks later, I spotted it back on the site and here it is!I love the studding on the bottom of the bag, the chain detail and it is such a perfect size for everyday use. However, I didn't expect my very small dose of fickleness to kick in until many more months of using the bag, but it happened within 2 weeks! I only want to change a few things about it that has been getting on my nerves, which I hope won't cost too much to do!
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