Saturday, 26 June 2010

Beauty Review: Body America Bath & Shower Luxury Foaming Mousse.

I had to try this Bath & Shower Mousse by Body America when I read that it was 'New York Cheesecake - Vanilla & Strawberry' ... it just sounded really fun! I tend to prefer exotic plants and fruits as ingredients, not anything like a dessert!... But I was curious, the packaging was cute, it was discounted from £10/$15 to £5 and it was promoted as being quite organic so I thought why not!I have to admit that I didn't read the 'mousse' part when I bought it, so I was surprised when it came out as a mousse, and not the thick liquid I am used to using in the shower. I tried to get it much foamier but it seemed to just go really flat to the point where there was no more foam left! The scent was too literal and made me feel a bit queasy and I didn't feel like I was making myself clean at all! I was really disappointed and haven't touched it unless I can get my family members to use it, it will just be sitting in the bathroom for a very long time as I can't bear binning something I have only used once!
However, I haven't completely given up on Body America products. I am willing to try one more thing from them (but keeping well away from the New York Cheesecake flavours!), so keep a look out for what it may be!
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