Saturday, 8 May 2010

Fall 2010. Part XXIII.

To continue my review of some of my favourite FALL 2010 fashion shows, here are pieces from the Kenzo collection which was truly delightful!! There was a consistent 70's theme throughout many of the shows (I will do a round-up of my favourite emerging trends soon) but I think my favourite interpretation of the decade was by Kenzo. It was dreamy and just looking at the pieces made me feel all warm and cozy! The embellishments were beautiful and looked mechanical which I loved! They also looked really fresh on the tailored shapes rather than on dressier pieces. I was blown away by the shearling boots (another trend I will mention soon) and just look at the cheese-slice cut out detail at the back of the wedge!!Wunderkind is a brand I've never really looked at but they definitely caught my attention this season. I never really appreciated how much you could do with a blanket until now and the scarf-print dresses were really cute! I never got bored of the fringing detail and the totem-mask shoes were incredible, I won't ever forget this collection because of them!

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