Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fall 2010. Part XXIV.

This is the second to last entry I have on the FALL 2010 shows! I just had to show my favourite pieces from the Manish Arora collection, just for the sheer uniqueness in his just have to look at it to know what I mean!I've always liked the collections by Giles Deacon, and he didn't disappoint this season. I don't usually like pastel coloured garments and that peach coloured coat would have really put me off the collection as a whole if it wasn't for the mix of chamoise, dove grey, taupe and chocolate to tone it down. The charm embellishment reminded me of a piece in Dolce & Gabanna's collection which I've mentioned in a previous entry but I liked how it was used as a trim, rather than an all over embellishment. The tiny scallop detailing was adorably subtle but still made an impact on what I thought about the collection.And lastly, Miu Miu. I loved this collection instantly (compared to many of my colleagues), the silhouette and the embellishments looked really fresh and I liked the under bust cutout details which was an obvious nod towards the mainline collection, Prada.
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