Monday, 3 May 2010

Film Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I have 11 films currently in draft format that I'm desperately trying to finish and the fact that I am trying to remember everything about each of them is making it very difficult! However, I am adamant that I publish them all, so be ready for a surge in film reviews for the next couple of months!
I watched 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' a few weeks ago and I was completely surprised at how good it was which made me feel so much better about spending £15 /$23 on the cinema ticket, which is double to the standard price!! This happened 'accidently' when I picked a time to watch it with my friend at VUE, but I hadn't realised it was being shown in 'SCENE', which is the luxury screen, hence the much higher price point. The cinema didn't offer a 'normal' showing of the film at all that day and I really wanted to watch it, so we paid and vowed not to go to the cinema for an entire month!
In 'SCENE', the extra wide seats are leather, there are tables that have a soft glow, and you can buy alcoholic drinks from the private bar. The latter didn't matter to me as I don't like, or drink alcohol, but it was quite surreal seeing people around me drinking out of a wine glass, rather than slurping from a carton! The seating was extremely comfortable and there was a really lovely atmosphere within the room. However, I feel that the higher price point is predominantly for the use of the bar and several seats are replaced with tables for wine glasses to sit on, instead of people...and neither are of any use to me so I don't think I will ever purposely choose to watch via SCENE again.Anyway, back to my review! The film has an 18 rating and it definitely ticked all the boxes to be so. My friend kept turning away during disturbing scenes which I find incredibly annoying (she will laugh if/when she reads this) but I was close to doing it myself. However, I didn't turn away at any time because I paid to watch the film, so that is what I shall do!
The film is based on a crime-novel by Stieg Larsson and it was so unpredictable (which wasn't surprising, as all non-Hollywood films usually are!) and although I was slightly thrown off by it being in Swedish (I had no idea!) and found it slightly difficult to listen to, I gradually got used to it, forgot I was reading subtitles, and actually became quite fond of the language. My friend and I also found it amusing when an English word was used in the dialogue, but the subtitles had used a synonym instead! I wish I could remember an example as it really gave us the giggles and it happened several times!
The lead female character, Lisbeth Salander, played by Noomi Rapace was very impressive. She is a hacker and seems to have no fear, but the latter stems from her having mental problems caused by traumas that have happened all through her life. On a positive note, I guess she is to be perceived as a modern-day heroine as she solves codes and finally saves the day!
I found it overall to be a very real and fulfilling film and I didn't even realise that the book is part of a trilogy so I will be right there in the queue when the second film is released!
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