Sunday, 23 May 2010

Film Review: Soloman Kane.

The trailer for Solomon Kane was excellent and I was determined to watch it at the cinema a couple of months ago so that I could really appreciate the action. I also loved the title... it was easy, effective, and a reminder of some of my other favourite male-lead films such as King Arthur, Robocop, Terminator etc
I also thought it was about time that James Purefoy landed the lead role in a medieval-action-adventure film as I'd often seen him in semi-lead roles and thought he was always a very convincing actor. I could not imagine this film being anything but good...but I was so disappointed!
The first 15 minutes of the film was an assuring indication that the film was going to be good. James Purefoy's character, Solomon Kane, and his army are in battle and victoriously enter a fortress which leads to a room of gold. However, by the time they get there, most of his men are killed by demons and Solomon Kane finds himself locked in a room with the Devil's Reaper...who wields a flaming sword and actually looks like a very exciting character! Solomon Kane is told that he has done so much evil, that his soul is destined only for Hell. Solomon Kane does not believe he is ready to die yet and escapes by jumping out of the window - which while I type seems absolutely ridiculous as you wouldn't think you could escape the Devil's Reaper so easily! However, the Devil's Reaper loudly declares that Solomon Kane's soul will soon belong to the Devil.Solomon Kane is clearly affected by his encounter with the Devil's Reaper and plans to live the rest of his life in a monastery. However, his plan is short lived as he is asked to leave because through dreams, they believe he has a different destiny.
Anyway, I won't explain much more of the plot, which was actually quite good, even if a little predictable...but the execution of the story completely ruined it. The pace was strange and the editing was terrible - and for someone who doesn't know anything about film editing, I picked up on it straight away! James Purefoy's acting may have just 'saved' the film for me and the cameo appearance of Pete Postlethwaite made the film credible, but when a scene was starting to pick up, it would cut to another scene. The girl was also a terrible actress and every time she was on screen, I lapsed back to noticing all the annoying flaws in the film... and an evil sorcerer portrayed by Jason Flemyng just looked ridiculous...I mean, just look!! And while on the subject of ridiculous looking characters, there is a huge demon near the end of the film who is sent by the Devil to claim Solomon Kane's soul, but it looked like a toy! Nevertheless, even though a majority of the film was a nuisance, I would still recommend watching the film just so you can see James Purefoy's great performance which makes all the other actors (apart from Pete Postlethwaite) look like amateurs.
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