Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Beauty Review: Elemis Cleanser & Toner.

As I was looking through the categories on my blog (top right of my sidebar), I noticed how empty my 'Hair and Beauty' category was, and I love beauty products so I thought I would start reviewing them! I don't wear much makeup as I find it too unnatural, time-consuming and almost unnecessary so most of my 'Beauty' reviews will be more about the skin, rather than make-up...as I feel that the skin should be cared for, rather than covered. I can understand if make-up is used in a subtle way to enhance a feature (mascara is the only thing that I like to wear because I have long eyelashes) but I find it odd when ones face is entirely caked in it. So, onto my review! I've always heard good things about Elemis so I thought I would try out the Rehydrating Rose Petal Cleanser and Rehydrating Ginseng Toner... but at £19/$28 each, these were not cheap! However, they were very easy to use... all I had to do was massage a small amount of the Cleanser into my face, remove it using a damp cotton pad, then spraying my face with the toner, and removing any excess with a cotton pad...and both smelt wonderful! My skin instantly felt very soft from the first use and there was no sign of agitation at all as I have very sensitive skin. After a couple of months use, my skin feels healthier and isn't prone to drying out as often as it sometimes does and I can see both bottles lasting me a very long time...but despite the positive comments, I don't feel the price justifies the effects given...and I'm sure if I consumed more water, I would get similar results! So to conclude, I would happily use these products for the rest of my life, but only if I'm not the one paying for them!
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