Sunday, 13 June 2010


I didn't think I would ever want to buy clogs but after seeing a pair in the cutest and not an obvious clog-like design, I finally succumbed! The reason why I didn't want such an obvious design, was simply because I knew I'd get bored of it. At least if it was a clog-sandal hybrid, I would still like them for a longer time. These are from Topshop which they call 'OLLIE' and cost a reasonable £40/$58. There are so many styles out there with a majority being extremely impractical because of the heel height, but Topshop were actually the only High Street brand that offered mid-heeled styles, so thank you!So, let's talk about comfortability- because these have none. The heel height and front platform puts your feet at such a perfect angle that these could potentially have been the most comfortable pair of heeled sandals....However, because the entire sole is made out of wood, there is no flexibility whatsoever and don't even think about walking on cobbled pavements as it becomes a true test of balance and pain! The front strap really started digging into my foot, even though I wore them with socks, so I will never be able to wear them without...which is fine as I find them quite sweet when styled with socks. On a positive note, I still decided to keep them and after wearing them a second time with thicker socks, it wasn't so bad after all...but I will still need to keep away from cobbled pavements! I then wondered how women have been wearing the 4" high versions that don't even have a sling back... but I assume that they are keeping it within their work environment as I have actually never seen someone wear them outside!...and from experience, walking on carpet is definitely easier!
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