Saturday, 5 June 2010

deviantART: *ValentinaKallias

I haven't published an art related blog entry in ages, but it was predominantly down to the fact that I haven't bought any! However, the most obvious thing occurred to me... I can still blog about things I haven't bought! I guess when I started my blog, I wanted it to be unique and I was going to achieve this by only using my own photos etc.
However, since joining deviantART last year to find amazing artists and to eventually buy their art to add to My Art was clear that from the first half hour of perusing the site, I would be broke if I bought everything I loved! So, I have decided to save them for the future (buying in small chunks over time) and to dedicate blog entries to all my finds in the meantime. I want to kick off my new 'DeviantArt' blog category with a truly talented artist- Valentina Kallias. There are a couple of themes in her work, but I wanted to hone into my favourite, which I would call 'distopic-eroticism'. I love the Sci-Fi element to them and many of her characters remind me of the Borg Queen from Star Trek which is one of the most exciting characters ever to be on TV. I also think of films such as The Cell, The Matrix, Alien, Predator, Silent Hill and Resident Evil (excellent films!) when looking at her work, although I am unsure if that is exactly where she gets her inspiration. However she states in a couple of pieces that she has referenced Silent Hill such as the piece above.I found it incredibly difficult filtering what I wanted to put on my blog because there are so many great pieces to choose from, and even her Self-Portraits are stunning. However some were so haunting that I decided to make viewing it optional such as 'The Closet' which sent a chill up my spine! I also have to admit that I've only started to appreciate digital art since approximately 2-3 years ago where I started to notice how much I loved a lot of the themes that were accomplished via this method and decided not to be so snobby about it anymore! I think my original attitude came from studying traditional artists such as Van Gogh, John Everett Millais, Picasso, Da Vinci, for pretty much all of my educational years which makes sense seeing as they were some of the most popular and relevant to my studies... and we were also always encouraged to use traditional methods ourselves when producing art. Just before I started composing this entry and asked permission to feature her work (thank you!) I admittedly hadn't even realised that she was female! I hadn't noticed that her Self-Portraits were 'self-portraits' and although her name is obviously female, I just assumed it was an alias or alter ego because it was so suiting to her work! I think I initially thought she was male because a lot of the darker artworks that I came across (on DA) and loved, were by male artists and a lot of the feminine, cuter styles of art were by female artists.As I absorbed more of her work, I realised that I would've eventually seen the feminine details which is probably the true, but hidden factor that drew me into her work and I highly doubt a male artist would've executed the same details. The use of the crinoline skirt, butterfly wing etching and a pregnant borg would be enough for me to know the artist was female. Also, whenever there is nudity in her artworks, I noticed how often the breasts are gracefully covered when it is unnecessary for them to be on show and of no real relevance to the piece. I stereotypically feel that a male artist would have them on show in all their glory!
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