Monday, 14 June 2010

Graduate Fashion Show 2010 - University of Westminster.

When I graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from the University of Westminster in 2007, I planned on attending all the future Graduate shows. However, this did not happen until a couple of weeks ago and I wish I had made more effort to attend the past shows as it was fantastic! The atmosphere was wonderful, it was great to see all my tutors again although I didn't get a chance to speak to them as I had to leave as soon as it finished, but in regards to the quality of each collection, I was blown away!
First up was my most favourite and is by Hannah Menzies. Please excuse my photos as I have the worst camera ever, but I like using my own photos in my blog where possible... so if you click on the designer's name, it will take you to their full collection for better viewing! It had an obvious ice-skating theme where the models wore actual ice skates but the blades were encased in a block of clear acrylic so that they could be walked in...I thought this was a fabulous idea and actually really tickled me!! Admittedly, I found the footwear so fascinating I didn't pay enough attention to the collection overall, but I recalled a beautiful colour palette and perfect music.My next favourite is by Sophie McKay which was a mix of faux fur and sheer fabrics. The garment shapes were simple but I felt it was all about the fur!...and each outfit looked amazing in person especially as there was so much movement.I was sent an email suggesting that I should also blog about Menswear, which was something I always intended to do as I dabbled around with Menswear while I was at University and completely appreciated it. So, when the models in Shefa Rahman's Menswear collection came out with flashlights, I knew I would want to blog about it! It was exciting and maybe also because it reminded me of Pitch Black, a great film! I thought it was a great theme for a collection and one I haven't seen before (but then again, I wouldn't really notice if it has been used before within Menswear). All the garments looked really well made (I was right at the front) and I was thoroughly impressed!Next is the collection by Carly Ellis which is so far from what I usually like but there was something so sweet and playful about it!!I thought Hannah Clayton had a great ready-to-wear collection and looked the most professional. My favourite items were the shin-skimming skirts which looked really edgy with the super-high heels. The colour, mood, music and styling of the collection was just spot on. This was the first collection to come out and it definitely set my mood for the rest of the show which you can view here.
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