Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Resort 2011. Part I.

I think I went slightly overboard when I showed my favourites from the Fall 2010 fashion shows which you can read here and it goes on for miles...so for the Resort 2011 shows, I've decided to be strict with myself and only select my four favourite looks! First up is Alexander Wang which I instantly loved. He carried through the deconstructed tailoring which I was unsure about in his Fall 2010 collection, especially with the pinstripe...but it looked really beautiful and wearable here. The colour palette was also so fresh with whites, mushrooms, greyed-off blues and complimented with an oxblood tone.Rag & Bone's colour palette was also fantastic. The mix of charcoal and marl grey, with black, and then spiced with tobacco was truly beautiful. I thought the model was also a perfect pick and did a great job for the label.The Louis Vuitton collection was very sweet with my favourite detail being the lace florets which has also been present in many of the other collections. Lace has been very popular for a couple of years now, so I feel that making them into more of an embroidery or an applique instead of just a fabric has been a natural progression!And lastly (for now), the Balenciaga collection was just delightful! It was a very smooth transition from the Fall 2010 collection which I also loved, and the idea of a cherry blossom pink trouser suit would usually make me feel queasy but the proportions are just so spot-on and the cut looks amazing so naturally, it works!
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