Friday, 18 June 2010

Resort 2011. Part II.

While I was compiling my favourite four outfits for the second part of my Resort 2011 blog entries, I noticed how they all contained dresses! Below is Stella McCartney's collection which was such a dream. The concertina fold back detailed dress in oxblood was something I had never seen before and again, the appearance of lace florets were so sweet.I always love the collections by Oscar de la Renta who I think is completely underrated...I don't think I've ever seen another blogger mention his work - past or present...and same again in other types of press. This may be because his customer is an older, more mature woman (as the designers that get a lot of Press have garments for a younger market)...but I felt that these dresses I have picked out actually look really young!Next is Erin Fetherston who produced the most beautiful dresses!! The colour palette was also particularly lovely, with nudes and a pop of red helped prevent it from looking too washed out. The Marc by Marc Jacobs collection was one of the sweetest yet! Lace florets made yet another appearance in a colour blocked technique and the darker tone of the popular oxblood colour was shown in a midi-length waisted dress where a polka dot pattern was formed using cabochons!
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