Saturday, 12 June 2010

Tommy Guns.

As I've previously mentioned, I love Beauty products (not necessarily make-up, but more about the hair and skin) and I am eager on sharing my thoughts about the products I have tried. Also, living in London, where there is pollution, air conditioning, humidity in the Underground...all these different temperatures can really affect your hair and skin!
So, lets start with my hair type. It is as thick as hair can be and quite long, I wash it everyday which people are often horrified about (but if I don't wash it when I shower, then I don't feel completely clean!) and washing it everyday keeps my hair thick, which combined with very straight hair doesn't make it too unmanageable I guess. However, I sometimes have to use gentle products to help maintain the frizziness that is caused by the consistent change in temperature... and that's when I came across a small range of TommyGuns products on I was instantly drawn to the Hair Conditioner which contained Orange Flower, Pomegranate and Hemp, an ingredients mix I have never used before and suddenly very eager to try! The packaging was also very lovely! I trusted that it wouldn't be too greasy as it is advertised as a Daily Conditioner and something I definitely needed for my everyday hair washing. It was also only £5/$7 which I didn't feel was too unreasonable. I also decided to purchase the 'Weather Protect Dew Drop Serum' for obvious reasons and that came to £6/$8...and although a small bottle, I knew it would still last a long time as I would only be using a pea-sized amount each time.

After a couple of months use, I would happily purchase these again once they run out... the Daily Conditioner smelt divine and I'm now obsessed with finding more of those ingredients in other things, like body cream etc! It was not too heavy for my hair, left it smelling lovely and very soft. You're almost tempted to use it as Shampoo instead of Conditioner! The Serum was also great, my hair was left smoother and I particularly found it useful on my heavy fringe. Also while Googling for other TommyGuns products (as I didn't believe that what was on was all they had!) I came across a TommyGuns Salon, and 3 out of 4 of them were in London! However, it was a lot more expensive then what I would usually pay to get my hair done as all I get is a trim, nothing it won't be any time soon that I book myself an appointment! But I am definitely keen on experiencing it in the future.
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