Monday, 12 July 2010

Beauty Review: Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream.

It has been incredibly hot in London for the past few weeks so I've been wearing sandals... but because I am so used to wearing socks most of the time, my feet tend to harden around the heel very easily especially as I walk pretty much everywhere and I guess my feet aren't familiar with having such prolonged contact with a hard insole!?!
I had been lathering them in Vaseline before bedtime, and popping some socks on so they can really soak it all up and it works fantastic, my feet are super soft by the morning. However, I really wanted to try something else too (maybe even mixed in with the Vaseline for maximum effect?!) so I had a quick browse on during my lunch hour (the joys of online shopping!) and came across a brand I had never heard of, but definitely looked like my cup of tea - Soap & Glory.I was instantly drawn to the packaging and I don't usually like pink, but this shade was beautiful!! I also loved how the cap was slightly transparent and not solid like the rest of the packaging... it looked very chic! The silver and white text stroked in black is also clear and easy to read. As I browsed the other products, it was clear that this brand definitely had a sense of humour and I even laughed out loud at some of the puns! Anyway, I'll leave that for another blog entry as I actually ended up purchasing several other products by the brand and I will be reviewing them all!
Now, back to Heel is amazing! The cream is extremely greasy and sticky which is totally fine if it's doing the job, so you will need to wash your hands after applying (I usually let creams soak into my hands) because you won't be able to cope with its stickiness! I caked my feet with the cream and popped a pair of socks on and the cream did wonders overnight. I just wish I could remember to do this every night as I'm sure I will be further amazed! At only £5/$8, I would definitely consider purchasing this again once it runs out!
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