Saturday, 24 July 2010

Charm Necklace & Pouch Giveaway. CLOSED!

Last week, I published my very first Giveaway and it has now officially ended! I was extremely shocked at the amount of interest there was (I guess everyone loves a freebie!) but also how much it has helped me identify what people really love in my Etsy Shop. This will then help me decide what I should prioritise, as since I started working full-time, I have found it difficult executing all my ideas!
One of the questions that had to be answered to enter the Giveaway, was what you would like to see in my next Giveaway... and I could potentially do them all at some point! One of my favourite suggestions, and totally unexpected, was to offer a Gift Voucher for my shop... I thought this was such a lovely idea!
So just to wrap up this short entry, I wanted to say thank you to all who entered and the winner will be announced tomorrow!
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